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About our trainer Mayuka


She practiced ballet for more than 10 years and after leaving ballet company, she noticed lots of issues arises on her body such as lower back pain and more. Once she became a registered massage therapist and personal trainer, she realized and seen on her clients importance of regular exercise. It affect tremendously not only health of our body but also mentally, cardiovascular health to better digestion to potentially of lowering risk of your child health problem in the future and so many more benefits!! What she also discovered is that so many techniques from ballet can be used in workout that can benefit for our body. On top of it, in ballet class, you don’t need a whole a lot of equipment either to build muscle so she found that can be very beneficial to many people so they can build muscle from home or ANYWHERE then they don’t need to stop working out even their gym is closed! Then she met BARRE (ballet/Pilates/yoga techniques combined workout class) class which was what she was looking for! Once she became a BARRE instructor, she enjoys sharing a love of BARRE and spread it to as many as people she can.   

Her motherhood brought her another passion. Which is to hep other moms who struggled to workout or stay healthy and happy like she once did so she is also certified in Prenatal/Postpartum Barre and have been obtaining several Prenatal/Postpartum exercise training to help other moms to stay healthy. She is also certified as healthy eating coach to help guide people who struggle with healthy eating. 


Her training


She really values in accessibility meaning she uses lots of body weight type of training or use minimal affordable/accessible equipments so that way she is hoping to create less barrier between clients and regular exercising. Her type of workout can perform anywhere (at their home/office or from hotel they staying at) you want so  it is easier to keep exercising regularly. And her background being ballet dancer, you may see lots of BARRE type of workout(ballet/pilates/yoga inspired techniques)corporate into a session.  You can see already her training is more unique than other personal trainers but also she brings her clinical knowledge from registered massage therapist background to help clients on right track with safe/effective way.

Talking about the accessibility, we also uniquely offer monthly personal training (PT) membership which allow you to come as much as you want (up to four session per week). We also have monthly group class membership to attend as many class you want.

BY THE WAY, both membership comes with free on-demand subscription and for PT monthly membership, you will get complimentary Healthy Eating consultation(help you with healthy eating) and online support via chat. 

 We really want people to feel the benefit of regular exercising without breaking your wallet! There are different pricing options and fitness services such as On-demand library subscription ($5/month) so we hope you can find way to stay healthy with Mahalo!


Small Group Class 

Our group class is nice and small so feel like its semi private feel exclusive. Please reserve your spot in our online booking in order for you to attend class. Purchase Class monthly Membership to get free on-demand libraries(include recipes and more).


Barre class (50min)

It is a full body workout class that is inspired from ballet/Pilates/yoga techniques and it is more resistance workout but you still get little bit cardio training benefit. You don't need any background of dancing at all, because all techniques are modified so that it is easy to follow yet you can make it harder if you like the challenge! The barre usually use no to little equipment (such as barre its like a deck railing) so it is very convenient to continue exercising anywhere on your own if you want(no matter what is going on in the world such as closing gym! ). It focuses on posture/forms, strengthening muscle, flexibility and mobility.  Frequently Isometric exercises(hold the position) or Pulsing (small movements at a specific joint) are used so you can built muscle endurance with low risk of injuries and anybody can join the class no matter what their physical levels are. Also uniqueness of the movement in the barre class will make you feel the muscles that you never felt before! Another benefit of barre class is you will move along with music so it is more fun and you end up pushing yourself more than you ever thought! This class include warm-ups/exercise/stretch. 

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Services  &  Description 

Prenatal/Postpartum Barre class

Please get clearance from your doctor for exercise before you book any classes or session!

45min gentle full body mobility/strengthening/stretching barre class. The exercise class will help you physically and mentally. It is great way to decrease your stress & postpartum depression. When mama is happy and healthy, it also helps your baby grow healthy and happy as well! There are study shows that physical exercise during pregnancy improve your delivery and also the research indicate that the exercise could reduce health issues on your kids later on their lives as well how amazing is that!!   

It is also nice to see and connect other mom’s to get sense of community that will help you to not feel alone because sometimes that’s how we feel rising kids! I believe of saying it takes a village to raise a kids! It is very important that you get support and connection especially when you raise kids! This class include warm-ups/exercise/stretch. 

Circuit class(30min)

We will go through variety of exercises in interval. It is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular system and muscles strength. This is great exercise methods for people who get bored very easily but want enough time to focus each specific exercise as barre class flows with music so some may find too fast to follow.  This class include warm-ups/exercise/stretch. 

Express Barre(30min)

It is great short quick full body BARRE workout class! This class include warm-ups/exercise/stretch. 


Mobility class to warm-up stiff/sleepy body ! You will feeling good and energized to start your day!


Nice calming class with stretching session to end your day and promote good sleep!


Type of personal training we offer



This is for people who wants to keep staying healthy but keep exercising regularly but needs help with effective or right exercise for you. 


Help moms who struggle with workout. It may helps with incontinence, regulate your mood, delivery, healthy baby growth, prepare strength you need to take care your little one, maintain strength to reduce injury or discomfort of your body. 


People who had surgery/ car accidents/stroke/cancer/concussions and wants to go back to exercising but are not sure how. 

On-Demand Library

Monthly subscription ($5)  to access all workout videos and healthy/easy recipes and more to stay healthy at your own space!


Personal Training - Customized workout session with a trainer

This is intended for people who needs a help with exercise. Are you a person who doesn’t know what to do at gym or keep hurting yourself with workout? Needs some motivation and support in order for you to workout regularly? You want to stay healthy so you can live and enjoy your life as much as you can? 

If you answer is yes to questions above, then this service might be for you.


This definitely help you to keep motivated as a trainer will be there for you and customize workout to each individuals so it minimizes risk of injury while you build strength. And also it makes exercise more sustainable as a trainer adjust your workout program according to your needs. This is not intended for people who wants weight loss or want to achieve athletic level of activities such as bodybuilding/weigh-lifting etc. This program is set for people who wants to keep exercising to stay healthy without increasing any injuries so they can live long healthy and happy life. 


We offer three different type of personal training, different duration of session, and unique/ affordable membership and bundle pricing. 


What you get when you book single personal training session: Customized workout session with a trainer that will composed with warm-up/workout/stretching.


If you get PT Membership then you also get On-demand library healthy/Asian inspired recipes included, workout program if you needed to follow at home, A trainer is available through App for asking any questions and support anytime, one free consultation for Healthy Eating(guide/help with healthy eating) per week. 

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