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Coffee Body Wrap - Detoxifying and Antioxydant

$200.00 plus GST

2 hours

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Arabica pure roasted coffee is transformed into micronized powder to ensure that its active ingredients are easily available during the treatment.

This deliciously scented Coffee Gel is an ideal slimming & stimulating Spa treatment.Coffee beans contain caffeine, one of the most effective slimming components, well known for improving lipolysis.

It works by breaking up fatty deposits that cause cellulite. Triglycerides are split up in small fatty acids that are easier to drain away. Coffee contains vitamins B3 and E which moisturize and improve skin elasticity and which protect the skin against the action of external damaging factors (UVs, stress, pollution).

Coffee invigorates the senses and awakes the body and mind.

What is included in this treatment:

  • Dry brushing and body exfoliation (sugar or salt scrub)

  • Coffee body wrap with Thermal therapy

  • You will be invited to take a shower after your body wrap

  • Body butter will be applied after your shower to moisturize and nourish your skin!

This is a 2 hours experience - Please bring an extra set of underwear (disposables are 6$ extra)

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