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Aromatherapy with Massage

starting at $110.00

From 1 hour to 2 hours


Aromatherapy massage is used for a variety of different reasons, including relaxation, pain management, and improved mood. These are also some of the basic benefits of massage therapy. Adding essential oils is thought to enhance such benefits. The overall purpose of aromatherapy is meant to improve your physical and mental well-being.

Aromatherapy massage combines the benefits of traditional massage with the holistic benefits of scented essential oils, or concentrated oils that are derived from various plants. During the massage, the aroma of the essential oil travels to the part of your brain known as the limbic system. This versatile set of structures serves many purposes, including regulating emotion. Pleasant fragrances trigger dopamine and serotonin resulting in, you guessed it, pleasant emotions.

Beyond simply giving you good, relaxing vibes, aromatherapy massage offers up other health benefits. The combo of fragrance and therapeutic touch might help you:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Ease symptoms of depression

  • Reduce headachesImprove sleep

  • Reduce inflammation

The combination of massage therapy and aromatherapy don’t just work together to increase circulation in your body, they also enhance the workings of your brain. This happens because the olfactory nerves within the brain are stimulated by the circulation effect that aromatherapy massage provides. This process then stimulates serotonin production, which leads to higher alertness and mental function.

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