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Cupping Therapy with Therapeutic Massage

starting at $85

From 45 min to 2 hours


Cupping massage combines traditional massage movements along with the use of a suction or plastic cups to create negative pressure on the skin. Special cups are applied to the treatment area in order to increase blood flow and relieve heat and stagnation in areas of the body that are tense, tight or in pain.

Myofascial Cupping addresses the deeper myofascial tissues and helps to increase the blood-flow to the muscle tissue, which greatly enhances and assist natural healing.

The practice involves the therapist placing or moving pressurized cups on your body (can be done in your back, hips, legs, feet, arms and more specific areas). Your practitioner will apply the cup to your body incorporating pressure with either suction, pumping, or heating methods depending on the style of cup and incorporate joint mobilization's and stretches.

The procedure can leave a painless, circular mark which disappears in a few days. Ultimately, cupping can reduce pain, eliminate adhesions, promote lymph drainage, decrease scar tissue, and release tension.

This treatment is a great alternative for athletes or the perfect option if you have more complex issues of tension or muscle aches and pains that were possibly caused by an injury or repetitive strain.

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