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Anna Migorska

Pilates Fusion Yoga Instructor

Pilates Fusion Yoga Instructor, PT, PhD,CAFCI

I had always been drawn to Yoga in one way or another. About the year of 2001, my interest in it began to grow and my will to maintain it in my life felt stronger than ever. But being a person that devotes themselves to learning and expanding one’s horizons…I had lots of bumps and challenges along the road.

Yoga was always something that kept me calm; aided my life choices and developed an understanding of what my body needs. As a physiotherapist of more than 25 years, I found that being an active individual is something that is not only a need but an important factor to feel strong and capable of anything one imagines.

Maintaining a healthy physicality is a necessity, but not many address the importance of a spiritual and mental health which Yoga contributes to a great degree. Throughout my main career I always found time to teach a variety of different branches that involve mental and physical exercise. Pilates, Callanetics, Medical Qi Gong, Ayurveda Yoga, Acu Yoga, ChakraYoga and more, Hit or Cardio/Interval  based cycles including.

My classes involve a great amount of instruction and careful guidance, where I aim to not only inform you about a specific asana or movement but encourage you to get the most of your sessions. I find that trust and respect between a teacher and student are the significant factors in creating a meaningful and beneficial experience for all involved.

Your classes will involve a system of asanas in connection with core strengthening that will make the most powerful combo for one’s experience. It is a preventative tool to improve and maintain body and mind as much as do something in your weekly routine that benefits your health. Sign up, and get ready for the 8 weeks of an incredible experience of progressive betterment of your soul, mind, and body.


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Anna Migorska
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