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Cheryl Manfield

Student Massage Therapist

Second year Massage Therapist Student

I recently decided to pursue a career in massage therapy because I’ve always been fascinated with the human anatomy and how the body works and I have a thriving interest and passion to help others reach their health and healing goals. I am also a Mom of two beautiful twins and 6 fur babies, becoming a massage therapist gives me the ability to create my own schedule so i dont miss all those precious moments with my children before they grow up because we all know that happens just way too fast! Look forward to seeing you

Note: Stiudent rate is not admissible for direct billing and not admissible for reimbursement as Cheryl have to reach her 2200 hrs in formal training in AB. A discounted rate is provided for her services until Cheryl's completion of her 2200 hrs !


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Cheryl Manfield
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