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Thomas Bretschneider

Registered Massage Therapist - RMT

Registered Massage Therapist - RMT

Thomas has been a registered Massage therapist for the past 12 years he received his Massage therapy diploma at Makami College.Shortly after he graduated from Makami College he became a Lead Instructor for Massage therapy and taught for six years the second-year program.

Working for chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic he worked on a variety of different people.

Some of the common issues he works on with his clients are:

  • Sports injuries,

  • whiplash,

  • joint capsule adhesion,

  • muscle tension,

  • myofascial adhesion,

  • lower back pain,

  • headaches,

  • plantar fascia,

  • fibromyalgia and

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents.

He is certified in several other modalities that he combines to create a unique and personal synthesis for each session. Utilizing different therapies, he strives to find the client’s priorities and addresses them one layer at a time.


  • Diploma in advanced clinical massage therapy.

  • CPR level C

  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) by Dr.Andreo Spina

  • Myo (muscle) skeletal Therapy by Dr.Erik Dalton

  • Advanced Sports massage by Kip Petch

  • Cyriax’s Friction Therapy by Lanre Salami

  • Orthopedic massage by James Waslaski

  • PNF stretching - Universal College of Foot Reflexology

Services available in: English and German


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Thomas Bretschneider
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