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Jason Khaled Al Kountar

Manual Osteopathic Therapist - MOT

Manual Osteopathic Therapist

Hi!, I'm Jason (Khaled) Al Kountar, Manual Osteopathic Therapist in the province of Alberta, and a member ingot standing with CMMOTA (Canadian Massage and Manual Osteophatic Therapists Association); I've been a health care provider for about 4 years.

My aim is to help my clients to get their pain reliving and getting back to their normal situation depending on the following:

- Looking to the body as holistic, since it works as a single entity.

- structure and function are related to each other.

- The body has self-governing means.

- The body has the ability to protect, repair and generate itself to keep its function in a good situation.


- Manual osteopathic therapist

- Registered massage therapist

- Bachelor in Biochemistry


Note: We can not direct bill for MOT treatments at this time in AB. A receipt will be provided for manual submissions.


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Jason Khaled Al Kountar
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